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MP3 Stereo recording approximately 1-hour .

Soundtrack is a loop of the indicated sound. This assists in preventing a fear or startle response when used properly.

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MP3 Stereo recording approximately 1-hour .

Soundtracks are a tool to help desensitize dogs to noises that result in fearful reactions, agitated reactions, or highly excitable reactions. How they are used is dependent on the dog’s behavior. Used improperly you can sensitize a dog to sounds by making the reaction stronger or hyper sensitive to the sounds. Sensitization can also result in the dog becoming sensitive to additional sounds that were previously of no concern.

Specific sounds can activate or inhibit a dog’s response. Dogs will respond or react in differing ways to sounds. There is a big difference in responding and reacting. In this context responding is functional and reacting dysfunctional. We would prefer to hear a doctor say we are responding to the medication rather than reacting to the medication.  

Some common ways dogs respond or react are:

  • Avoid

  • Flight

  • Fight

  • Freeze

  • Out of Control / High Arousal (unproductive arousal)

Fear: the dog’s actions are calculated to avoid something that it fears or is concerned with.

Phobia: exaggerated fear, overwhelming and unreasonable. Anxiety which can include panicking resulting in hysterical or irrational behavior which can put the dog in greater danger.  Phobias cause some level of impairment.

Reactivity: May be out of control excitement, or it may result in unproductive high arousal resulting from fear, frustration, or aggression.