Frozen Treats For Dogs

Treat dispensing toys are a great way to stimulate and engage all your dog’s senses. There are all types available but choose those items that are sturdy, well made, and relatively easy to clean. These are many of my favorites that can be used to stuff and/or freeze treats inside. The rubber Kong was probably the first popular dog toy people stuffed with differing foods treats to keep dogs entertained. Kong’s are a longtime favorite for many dogs but some dogs’ loose interest quickly because the treats inside can be difficult to get. My favorites are Qwizl’s, and Tux. Although nothing is indestructible with aggressive chewers these toys are among the best, made in the USA and are easy to clean. Dog toys help to reduce boredom, stress, and frustration for dogs and puppies. Safe dog toys assist with reducing stress, anxiety, and frustration and behaviors such as, barking, jumping, spinning, chewing, among others. Boredom and loneliness are sources of excessive stress for both dogs and cats. If your dog has destructive chewing also check this page for additional help: Chewing & Destructive Behavior No toy is indestructible.

I recommend every dog have three sets of toys:

  1. Chew Toys: One set that they have access to all the time to satisfy the need to chew.

  2. Toys to Entertain: Interactive treat dispensing toys to entertain and keep them busy.

  3. Toys for Play: A set of toys that they only have access to when they are playing with their owners.

  • Rotate the toys your dog has access to at least every few days so they do not get bored with them.

  • Supervisor your dog with any new toy to be sure it is safe for your dog.

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