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What is the Red Cup Leash Challenge? You carry a plastic cup of water in the same hand as your leash while walking a dog over a set distance. The goal is to not spill water from the cup.

The Red Cup Leash Challenge Is a way of measuring the amount of control and cooperation people have with their dog. Walking on a loose leash is a skill every human and dog should develop. Loose leash walking is different from “heeling”. Heeling is having your dog directly at your side with its attention on you. This is a good skill to teach your dog when you need them to focus on you for short periods of time to get by a distraction. Loose leash walking is just that. A dog that walks with, and next to you enjoying the walk without tension on the leash.

A well-trained dog walks nicely on a leash regardless of what is nearby. e.g. cat, rat, dog, bird, etc…

How To Teach Loose Leash Walking

The “happy test”. Take your dog out into the community; the test is simple, are people happy when you arrive, or happy when you leave?
— Glenn Massie

Those with well-trained dogs do not need to yell or shout.

When people observe you walking your dog, would they:

 A.     Think your dog is out of control?

 B.     Think it looks like you are walking a prisoner? (e.g. head halter, no-pull restrain type harness, choke chain, prong collar, e-collar)

 C.     Be concerned your dog may get away from you?

 D.    Think it looks similar to holding a young child’s hand?

Training is not about the equipment – it’s about the connection, the relationship, the cooperation.
— Suzanne Clothier