Is There Mercury In Pet Food?

Pet Food Mercury & Genetics Experiment at University of Nevada, Reno

Results from the 2016 Study - Mercury concentrations in wet and dry cat and dog food

In 2016, our team quantified total mercury concentrations in 101 pet food samples. The complete results of the study, titled “Mercury concentrations in wet and dry cat and dog food“, are available online or by request.

Click here for a summary table of the results from the study, including the total mercury concentration, pet food brand, flavor, and production lot information for the 101 pet foods that were analyzed.

“The top 5 samples exceed the maximum tolerable limit (MTL) for mercury for cats, and the the next 11 samples exceed the MTL for reproducing cats - the FDA does not have established MTLs for dogs. Notice there are differences in mercury concentrations for the same product between production batches, indicating that product quality fluctuates through time.”